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Everything on this site is meant to support and assist you
in developing your spiritual awareness and raising your spiritual vibration.
This includes the ability to recognize and communicate with
your own Angels and Guides

On this site you will find things like:
Simple and effective spiritual exercises you can try for yourself 
True stories and information on things such as
Angels,   Lucid Dreaming,  Crystal Skulls, Auras,  Aura Artwork,  Chakras,  Karma,
Spiritual Protection, Clearing & Releasing and
Spiritual Protection from Psychic Attack
Including a Section with FAQ about Psychic Attack, Ghosts, Haunting, Possession, Entities, etc.

Upcoming Workshops by  Sherry Whitfield

Visit Sherry's NEW Blog about Spirituality and Crystal Skulls

Who is Sherry?
Sherry Whitfield
has facilitated workshops across the world on various spiritual, metaphysical  and esoteric subjects. Clairvoyant since early childhood, Sherry grew up in a family where "ESP" type experiences were not unusual. A guest on television and radio, she is known for her down to earth and gently humorous approach to spiritual topics. Sherry emphasizes simple, practical applications for spiritual awareness, personal and professional development. 

Sherry has been a guest on numerous radio and TV shows including the History channel series, "Ancient Aliens,"
Coast to Coast AM radio and and various other productions. She is included in many books on spirituality and crystal skulls.
She is featured in two Indie films: "How To Meet Your Angels" and "Echoes from the Ages: Talking Story with Crystal Skulls."

Sherry's work focuses on moving beyond the superficial fascination of phenomena, and toward a path of spiritual
balance, transformation, and self-responsibility. Of prime importance to her is the cultivation of compassionate detachment and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love. 
 Learning to recognize the Guidance that one is already receiving is a useful and life altering experience. Workshops and study groups are non-denominational and emphasize the importance of  self-acceptance, tolerance and the consistent self-discipline necessary to build a solid and lasting spiritual foundation, no matter what ones’ personal religious or spiritual beliefs may be.  

Sherry Whitfield is current Guardian 
of a genuine, life-size, ancient crystal skull known as "Synergy."
Click here for more information on this fascinating artifact!

Crystal skulls are tools of awareness and they can:
Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
Amplify Energy


n Sherry's Own Words... 
Intuitive or psychic "abilities" run in my family. Just about everyone, on both my mother's and father's side of the family, have a strong "sixth sense" of some sort.
Most of my relatives have had consistent, paranormal experiences, and a kind of intuition that often defies logic.
Some family members have seen and spoken to "Beings" or loved ones after they passed. Some are healers. Others are preachers, in a number of denominations and paths.  Some do different types of readings and some have what seem to be past life memories.  A few, like my father, are lucid dreamers - adept in using their dreams to find answers to puzzling questions, practical insights - or for other, more esoteric and spiritual purposes. 
Etcetera etcetera... My family has all kinds of these abilities. A few of them have spent their lives in service to others, trying their best to use their gifts only out of love. Most of them have passed now. 
Other relatives mainly used their abilities for selfish purposes, which never ended well, no matter what they tell people.
Childhood was not an easy experience, at all, for a variety of reasons. As I got older, I became aware that I was different and I struggled to accept myself and find my place in the world. Eventually, in my late teens, I analyzed and criticized myself into the office of a psychiatrist, having a literal nervous breakdown. That sounds kind of funny now, but it wasn't.  Not one bit...   Click here to finish this story about Sherry

Various photos of Aura drawings

People are Living Rainbows!  
I was born being able to see the energy (auras) around people, animals and other things.  This is often
called an aura.
If you'd like to see a bit of what I see, via some of the aura drawings I've done, you can click on the hands at the right.


    WHAT'S NEW!!   The Crystalline Fellowship - online Courses

The Crystalline Fellowship!
This is just the very beginning - but it IS a beginning of something a little different in this field: an alliance forged in respect and the mutual desire to assist and support in raising the spiritual vibrations of all Beings involved in this co-creation known as our Universe and Humanity! The key to this is Love.

In the coming months and years the Fellowship will share resources, offer information and online courses and honest discussions.  Topics will be as varied as crystal skulls, crystal healing, working with your Angels and Guides, working with subtle energies, multi-dimensional Beings and much more!


2020 and Beyond

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and current shelter-in -place laws, our travels have been postponed and the upcoming schedule is tentative.  Check back and we will add details when we get them.

In the meantime....we will be having virtual drumming with Synergy, online courses/discussions starting soon!
Announcements of dates and times will be on the Synergy Facebook page!

Tentative Cities and selected areas where Synergy and Sherry will be in 2020 and beyond:

June - Rome, Georgia
June - Memphis, Tennessee area
August - Connecticut
September - Maine
September - Pittsburgh
Monthly - Tucson, Arizona - at Mystic Candles 

Czech Republic
The Netherlands

Sedona, Arizona
Monterey, California

More dates and places added as soon as travel is possible and safe.




Come see Synergy and Sherry!!


Crystal Skulls naturally work together... humans could learn from them in this way!
We do not have to agree on every detail of every little thing to co-operate and treat each other with respect!

Michelle Nocerino and ShaNaRa
Sherry and Synergy
New York City, June 18, 2010


 Bill Homann and the Mitchell-Hedges Skull
with Synergy and Sherry 
 taken in Sedona, Arizona  on September 27, 2008.

Bill and Sherry agree that the time is NOW to support one another in bringing about increased kindness, compassion, love and spiritual awareness.

See Bill and Sherry together in the film about Crystal Skulls entitled
Echoes from the Ages: Talking Story with the Crystal Skulls


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Sedona, Arizona at the "Four Winds Wisdom Gathering."   Check back for details on the next one in 2009!

At Left: Auntie Pua, Honored Elder from Hawaii; Willard Pine, Honored Ojibwa Elder from Canada; Nadine daughter of Honored Elder Grandma Agnes, from Oregon,
and Arthur van Steen, Honored Guest from Holland (Synergy is in the bag Arthur is carrying!)

If you are interested in attending or sponsoring a workshop with Sherry and Synergy please send an email to:


Click Here  to
"Meet Your Angels!"
Click  Here  to  learn  about
Lucid  Dreaming

PLEASE NOTE: I am passionate about assisting and supporting people who want to increase their awareness and experience things for themselves - that's why I started doing classes and workshops.
I've put a lot of energy into studying spirituality and I hope to pass along something of use to others on their journey... a technique or and insight that will be useful. 
The people I've met at my workshops and through this web site have been a tremendous blessing in my life!
It really doesn't matter  what   I  can do...   It only matters what YOU can do!



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