Spiritual Development & Awareness Workshops

A series of workshops designed to inform, support and validate your own experiences, in order to assist you in expanding your consciousness & awareness, on many different levels.

Sherry Whitfield’s work emphasizes the importance of tolerance, self-acceptance and consistent, self-discipline in building a solid and lasting spiritual foundation, no matter what ones’ personal religious or spiritual beliefs may be. Of prime importance to her is the cultivation of compassionate detachment and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love. Workshops and groups are nondenominational and focus on moving beyond a superficial fascination with phenomena, and towards a path of balance, self-responsibility and spiritual transformation. The workshops give specific and easy to use information and techniques.

Meet Your Angels
An intensive workshop designed to help you to recognize and begin to communicate with your Guardian Angel, our "Companions Along the Way."  Your life changes when you are touched by the tremendous love that awaits you from these Beings.

Crystal Skulls, Angels... and You!
Native legends speak of skulls carved from a single quartz crystal and said to talk & sing. Each was thought to be a kind of holographic memory device; a database of information about the origins & purpose of Humanity.   Mysterious & controversial, few will argue that crystal skulls are true enigmas. Some are believed to be Mayan. Others, perhaps an inheritance from fabled Atlantis, Lemuria or even extraterrestrial. Whatever their origins, there's no doubt they fascinate.

This workshop is designed to help you to recognize and begin to communicate with your Guardian Angel and will also reveal insights on Crystal Skulls and their usefulness in this process of  receiving Guidance from  Angels and  other  Spiritual Beings.  It’s filled with educational and inspirational true stories and includes simple techniques anyone can do!

Raising Your Spiritual Vibrations
Utilizing ancient techniques involving breath, sound and color to focus attention inward, opening to higher energies. This can be a profound experience and may lead to permanent changes in awareness.
This makes  an excellent Friday night introductory workshop!  The perfect way to start off a weekend event.

Lucid, Super Conscious Dreaming
Accelerate your spiritual growth with the use of lucid, super conscious dreaming! Learn to access the incredible wisdom and information found in your dreams - for insight, spiritual growth and fun! Includes many simple exercises that anyone can try, to help you to remember your dreams, as well as to become aware in your dreams. 

This workshop is recommended by Stanford University Scientist, Dr. Chris Duffield, Ph.D.

Spiritual Protection, Clearing & Releasing
A workshop devoted to understanding concepts, considerations and techniques regarding spiritual protection, clearing and releasing. Learn how you can begin to let go of emotional issues such as old fears and attachments to inappropriate relationships and situations; setting your emotional boundaries. Perhaps the most important workshop you will ever take!

A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to the Tarot: Soul's Journey on The Wheel
This is an in Depth class about working with the Tarot, for Yourself and for others.

Find the balance between a deeper understanding of the ancient Tarot - and it's hidden spiritual meanings AND your intuition!
I've been reading cards for over 58 years and teaching others how to read them for over 40 years. Build a solid foundation and your intuition becomes even more valuable!
** Even if you have been reading cards for years, I guarantee I will approach aspects of the Tarot that are uncommon and will be valuable in your future readings.

Increase Your Joy Through  Contact with the  Devic Kingdom – the Nature Spirits
Our mundane world is surrounded by and intertwined with other living Beings and planes of reality. There are spirits that live on this earth, usually unseen. Nature Spirits are one of the many other kinds of Beings that inhabit our planet at different frequencies or vibrations than humans - and they are all around us.
Thought to be mythical by most “civilized” societies, they help to keep our world in balance energetically and literally make it possible for the physical entities such as humans and animals to live on this plane.
Known by various names, they may be collectively called the Devic kingdom and include Elementals and other Nature Spirits. (Deva literally means "a being of brilliant light.")

Creating a Crystalline Grid: What are they and how do they work?
This is a highly interactive, day long workshop that will help you to create the most effective crystalline grids possible.
A crystalline grid is a group of energetically aligned crystals, stones and possibly other items, usually set into a sacred geometric shape, that is charged by ones intention for the purpose of manifesting or focusing on a particular objective.
People love creating crystal grids, making beautiful patterns and shapes with beloved stones and other objects. When created properly the grid amplifies the energies and qualities of the stones within it and the intent of the maker.
Learn what works and what doesn't - and why. Find out how to align your intentions and energies and connect your grids into the morphogenetic field and/or grid system as you activate your design. A grid that is connected into the morphogenetic field is enormously more effective than one that stands alone!
Sample grid possibilities and combinations will be offered. Immediate feedback on your designs and activations will be offered by Sherry. This is a kind of 'biofeedback' that will help you learn very quickly what does and doesn't work.   >>> Please bring a wide variety of your own stones to work with!

Medicine Bags, Talismans, and Amulets!
Create a medicine bag, talisman, amulet, or other energetic tool by learning how to combine stones to fashion your own personal energetic "prescription" or vibrational recipe! A medicine bag in this day and age can have different meanings to an individual than it did in the past.  You will learn how stones and crystals interact with the human energy field (the aura) and why they may, or may not, be effective. Learn how to choose the right stones for the situation and how to combine them to better achieve your goals.

Past Life Regression
This workshop focuses on cause and effect. Your behavior and everything that you feel today, has its roots in your past. Whether you believe in the biblical concept of genealogical memory, DNA or cellular memories, reincarnation, or are just questioning, this is a fascinating experience. You have heard about it....now experience it for yourself.

Be Careful What You Ask For...You Just Might Get It!
This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn to get accurate, clear, meaningful answers by formulating the "right questions". Also, many illustrations showing you how the phrasing of the questions you ask yourself or others can actually influence the outcome– bringing to you what you desire ---or what you fear. This workshop is geared towards your personal and professional development and is an important part of developing awareness, on many levels.

The Power of Purpose & Vision
Scientists and lay people alike have proved the value of establishing and living your life’s purpose. We’ll take the time to draft your own spiritual life purpose affirmation, solidifying your vision of your future. Also covered are the importance of setting goals and the pitfalls of being too rough on yourself.

Exploring Subtle Energies
Several experiential workshops designed to help you prove to yourself that you have an effect, as well as are effected, by the subtle energies around you. You will amaze yourself with how accurate you can be in detecting the electromagnetic fields which surround you and everything in your environment, at every moment. This are great exercises in learning to trust yourself and your own intuition.
This series includes:

    Exploring Subtle Energies: Dowsing and Divination
Learn how to effectively use a Pendulum and a Dowsing Rod for Fun and Divination! Something for beginners as well as experienced dowsers!
Exploring Subtle Energies: Deviceless Dowsing
Tricks anyone can use when they don't have a pendulum or rod or don't want to be obvious! This one is great fun!

    And MORE to come...


Meet Your Angels, for Children
Due to the materials necessary for this course and the time constraints involved, this is a workshop held only in the Tucson, Arizona.
Help your child to become and / or remain aware of their Guardian Angels. When supported, children easily maintain their openness and ability to relate to these loving guides. Includes stories, easy exercises, and a craft project to take home as a reminder of their day. Parents are encouraged to participate!

The Colors of Your Life: Expressions of the Human Aura
Due to the materials necessary for this course and the time constraints involved, this is a workshop held only in the Tucson, Arizona area and
is open only to those who have attended previous workshops and/or study groups.

We will be working towards perceiving the human aura, your own and others. Includes exercises and working with pastels -- and more. This is an advanced, & somewhat experimental class.





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Workshop costs are modest and depend on various factors such as length of workshop, location, accommodations, etc. 
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